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Ryedene Primary and Nursery School

Our Staff

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Head of School

Mr. A. Toomer

Deputy Headteacher 

Miss. H. Cooksey

Inclusion Leader 

Miss. H. Cooksey

Assistant Headteachers

 Miss. L. Neicho

Teaching Staff

Year 6 Chestnut

Mr. S. Watson

Year 5 Maple

Miss. K. Sharrad

Year 4 Willow

Miss. A Mackay

Year 3 Larch

Miss. N. Walker

Year 3 Beech

Miss. L. Short

Year 2 Sycamore

Miss. S. Marks

Year 2 Cedar

Miss. C. Morgan

Year 1 Poplar 

Mr. M. Noakes 

Year 1 Pine 

Mrs L. Peacock 

Reception Oak

Mrs. T. Hall

Reception Ash

Mrs. J. Hooper

Nursery Elm

Miss. M. Smith

Set Teachers

Ms. C. Grange 

Mrs. L. McNamara

Music Instructor

Miss. G. Strand

Art Instructor

Mrs. N. Mack

P.E Instructor

Mrs. M. Jones

Learning Mentors

Mrs. A. Smith 

Mrs. S. Newton

Learning Supervisors 

Mrs. D. Colkett

Mrs. L. Gordon 

Mrs. C. Matthews 

Attendance Officer

Mrs. S. Newton

Breakfast Club Staff 

Mrs. A. Smith 

Mrs. S. Newton 

Mrs. L. Lambert 

Mrs. E. Fullman 

Mrs. E. Keeble 

Play Worker (Tea Time Club) 

Miss. O. Colkett 

Learning Support, Student Support and Nursery Staff

Mrs. D. Colkett, Miss. A. Carr, Mrs. T. Hayden, Miss. L. Wilson, Mrs. E. Keeble, Mrs. H. Hallet, Miss. L. Lambert Miss. A. Noakes, Miss. L. Zeraschi, Miss. E. Sweetland, Miss. L. Gordon, Miss. A. Stitt, Miss. J. Mondon, Mrs. E. Fullman, Mrs. C. Matthews, Mrss. G Theobald, Miss. N Theobald, Mrs. K. Long, Mrs. J. Spooner, Miss. K. Gentle, Mrs. G. Green, Miss T. Khumalo & Miss. L. Milson. 

School Office 

Office Manager

Mrs.  J. Fisher

Office Administrators

Mrs. L. Byford 

Mrs. J. Smallwood

Catering Staff 

Catering Manager 


Kitchen Assistants

Miss. C. Reynolds, Miss H. Lerendu, Miss. H. Harris, Miss. L. Ellis & Mrs. X. Bicja 

Lunchtime Staff 

Miss. C. Lee & Ms. P Sinclair

Cleaning Staff

Miss. V. Simmons 

Mrs. X. Bicja

Site Manager 

Mr. M. Fisher