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Ryedene Primary and Nursery School

Kind Words and Testimonials


All three of my children have attended and thrived at Ryedene, all three have completely different abilities and have had the best education provided by the wonderful adults of the school.



My children have flourished at Ryedene.  My eldest son, in the past year, has managed 100% attendance, taken part in a writing workshop and a poetry writing competition at another local school. His real passions are music, sport and performing arts which the school have really embraced. He has been able to take part in a school musical performance and have guitar lessons at lunch time.

I feel that the school do what they can to support working parents. I would like to thank the teachers for their continued support and encouragement. There have been some challenging times over the past couple of years and the teachers have truly been amazing, which doesn’t go unnoticed by the parents. I’m really looking forward to what Ryedene has to offer my children throughout their educational journey.



My daughters are thriving at Ryedene school. I believe the key to the school's success has been the staff and their consistent approach: staff turnover seems low compared to other schools. Due to this, my daughters are very happy to attend school every day!

Staff are always willing to help: breakfast clubs, afterschool clubs and trips are well organised and parents are informed far in advance. 

My daughters have been attending Ryedene since nursery and I couldn't wish for a better school. I'm incredibly grateful for the staff's care, commitment and enthusiasm for their students.