Welcome to Ryedene Primary and Nursery School. Welcome to Ryedene Primary and Nursery School. Welcome to Ryedene Primary and Nursery School.
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Welcome toRyedene Primary and Nursery SchoolGrowing Together to Succeed



The Three Little Pigs


We have been learning the story of the Three Little Pigs in our English lessons. To make our learning as exciting as possible we have been learning the story in different ways. To begin with we sequenced pictures of the story to help us retell it. 




We also retold the story through drama and used masks to make this even more fun. 




We used a mixture of pictures and words to help remind us of the story and as we retold the story we added actions. This is the story map that we use to help us remember the story in the correct order. 



Black History Day


We had a fantastic day in Year 1 learning about the role Rosa Parks played in history, creating our own dream jars inspired by Martin Luther King's speech, listening and dancing to the Bob Marley's song Don't Worry and learning about just how fast Usain Bolt is. We even learnt how to make Usain Bolt's famous bolt pose and had great fun shouting 'bolt' out throughout the day. 




In the afternoon we had a fantastic African drumming session from an outside agency. The children listened amazingly and were able to drum out great rhythms. 







Welcome To Pine Class




We have all had a fantastic start to Year 1. I am so proud of how well Pine Class have settled into being Year 1, always ready to learn with smiles on their faces. They have an amazing attitude to the work they are set and are full of questions. 


Our current topic is Toys and the children have had the chance to explore toys both old and new. We have also been looking at Toy Story as part of our cine-literacy work and looking at how to write sentences to describe a character. 


Check back soon for some pictures of our fantastic learning. 




Mrs McNamara