Welcome to Ryedene Primary and Nursery School. Welcome to Ryedene Primary and Nursery School. Welcome to Ryedene Primary and Nursery School.
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Welcome toRyedene Primary and Nursery SchoolGrowing Together to Succeed


Our Brilliant Art Work

Ryedene's curriculum for Art

In 2012 we engaged our very own professional Artist in Residence, Mrs Ingrid Anderson (BA Hons, First Class).

Ingrid has taught the art in our school across KS1 and KS2, developing skills in drawing and painting, printing, sculpture, collage and textiles since that time. Each summer Ingrid organised art exhibitions of the beautiful work the children created to showcase their achievements from across the year and organised master classes for those pupils with an identified talent in art and design. Ingrid has also leading us through Artsmark since we embarked on our journey in May 2019. Having a professional artist working in school has been a great inspiration to pupils to achieve amazing works of art.


We are very proud to have the highest standards for art and we are now working with Ingrid to integrate art of the same standard into all lessons smiley


Summer school got off to a great start with everyone working hard on their Paul Klee inspired pictures using oil pastels. Today we concentrated on the backgound, next time we will add the leaf designs using leaves we pick from around the school grounds. Pupils will carve details into the oil pastels using sharp pencils.

Carnival Masks

Then we moved on to the second activity, designing our carnival masks.

We will make these out of cereal box card and decorate them using lots of different materials. We can't wait to get creative adding feather, buttons, glitter sequins, twisted and curled papers and lots more!

Would you like to have a go at the summer school activities?

If you would like to have a go at home, here are the demonstrations and instructions from Mrs Anderson from today's lesson.

Each day Mrs Anderson will post the instructions and pictures so you can all have a go.

Lockdown Learning

Our wonderful children have continued to work hard at home

and are creating some amazing work!

We are sure you will agree smiley

Year 2 - Van Gogh inspired mixed media pictures.

Our talented children were encouraged to decorate and create their own patterned papers to create their Sunflowers pictures.

Look at all the concentration on their observational paintings! laugh

Our AMAZING children have done it again!

Yet again they demonstrate incredible resilience by working hard at home.

Mrs Anderson created 'How to' videos for the children to work from at home

and here are three examples of their Matisse Cut-Outs inspired pictures.

Well done year 3 - your artwork is brilliant!

Year 2 - Oil pastel pictures inspired by the Great Fire of London

Our year 2 pupils have been learning how oil pastels work. They have blended, layered and carved into the pastel to see the effects.

Some even used white to demonstrate highlights on the buildings.  Pupils also explored different ways to represent flames and noticed that all flames are different. So they knew they could all succeed as long as they had originality in their work.

We think they are marvelous!


Year 3 - Sketchbook work

Learning how watercolour works by drawing Italian landscapes and working out how to create washes and blends.

Pupils worked really hard labeling colours and sometimes labeling what they might use the colour for. How amazing are these!!

Year 6 - Miro inspired carved prints

Pupils used WW2 images to build their designs.

Then they abstracted the shapes using Miro as their reference for style.

Then they chose colours to convey how they would have felt in WW2. Pupils chose red and orange

for danger and browns to represent the destruction and debris.

Year 1 - Portraits

Lockdown Learning

Summer term 2020 has proved a challenging time for everyone, but one thing is for sure, it hasn't affected our children's ability to create amazing art! Through guided online lessons with our Artist, Mrs Anderson, our incredibly talented pupils have powered through to create these beautiful pieces of art.

Year 6 - Picasso inspired distorted images

Year 6 - Magritte inspired oil pastel portraits

Year 5 - Kandinsky inspired water colours.

Year 3 - Self Portraits

Year 3 - Drawing Trees

Year 2 - Ted Harrison inspired oil pastel pictures

Year 2 - Under The Sea drawings and collage work

Year 1 - Pencil portraits of the Queen

Welcome back for a brand new year at fabulous Ryedene!

It has been a packed summer, which kicked off with our Summer Exhibition here in school. Then our wonderfully creative children joined forces with children from Greensted Juniors to represent Basildon Council in the Basildon carnival and winning 'Best Float'! To top it all, members of our choir took part in the New Town Sounds event at St. Martin's Church, Basildon, to sing their hearts out - check out our choir page for photos, news and updates. Well done Children, we're so proud of you! wink

Basildon Council press release:

Year 4 have completed all their printing frown

Here are examples of how the pupils used the fabric in different ways to create a different print using the same print block. Some pupils scrunched the fabric, others folded it or creased it. I think you'll agree the results are amazing!

Year 1 are having a fabulous time making collages using all the colours of the seasons. Here are our pictures about summer - January 2019

Year 6 Amazing mixed media collage project based on the book Kensuke's Kingdom - Autumn 2018

Art exhibition July 2018

Year 6 WW2 Printing and Year 3 sewing and fabric painting - Spring 2018