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Welcome from your Year 1 Class Teacher

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Reception Home Learning


Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils of Oak Class,


Firstly, I would like to say thank you for your support and visiting this page. As a school we are committed to supporting you all through this current situation and will do our very best for you all.


The page will be refreshed as often as possible to provide you with purposeful learning opportunities and practical advice to keep you all busy for the foreseeable future.


I have provided a link so you can email me with questions, ideas and support if you feel you need to. This will be responded to during school hours and links to learning sites will added frequently.


Thank you and keep well.

Mrs Hall and Miss Fisher

Reception Oak Class- Mrs Hall

If you need support, have questions or have an idea then please contact me. I will do my utmost to help you during school hours.

                                            Summer Term 2


This Term our new theme will be ‘Shiver Me Timbers’. As you might have guessed we will be investigating, exploring and learning about Pirates, Sea Creatures and how to look after our world.


We will be listening to and reading lots of different stories based around this theme including learning a new Talk 4 Writing Story- Pirate Tom.


In phonics we will be consolidating Phase 3 and 4 knowledge including tricky words too. 


During reading we will be focussed on developing our understanding of what we have read and making predictions.


Our handwriting focus will be refining letter formation such as; correct orientation of letters, consistent letter size and placement on the line.


Maths for this term we be a mix of deepening number and place value activities such as:exploring ‘teen’ numbers, ‘ty’ numbers, counting forwards and backwards from different starting points, stopping at different points and solving problems.

Home Learning Week 4

Home Learning Week 3

Home Learning Week 2

Home Learning - Google Classroom

New Resources Summer 1


Art activity

Google Classroom

Summer term sees the exciting launch of google classroom for our pupils, this allows us to create learning slides for the children to access at home via a device such as: a tablet, phone, computer or a laptop. 

Obviously, reception children will require some adult support in accessing this facility but it really isn't as tricky as I first thought!


Please find below a link to a Parent Google Classroom Video to help support you.


Welcome to Google Classroom!

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Oak National Academy

Yesterday, it was announced that there would be an online teaching platform that has been created by teachers from around the UK. There will be daily lessons and videos that are linked to English/Literacy, Maths and Foundation subjects for the year groups from Reception upwards. 

This is free and very easy to use, you can dip in and out of year groups to consolidate and further extend your child's learning.

Also, BBC Bitesize Daily have developed a daily schedule that includes teaching videos and activities too.



Summer 1 Week 1

This term's theme will be Ready, Steady Grow!

Literacy: We will be listening to, reading and retelling the traditional tale Jack and the Beanstalk.

Phonics: We will be reading and understanding words and sentences that contain phase 2, 3 and 4 sounds and tricky words.

Maths: We will be consolidating numbers to 20; including comparing amounts, adding, subtracting and estimating. We will also be exploring doubling and halving quantities too. 

Theme: We will be investigating what a plant needs to grow and survive and also explore life cycles of insects and animals.

Easter Message 🐥

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Hello, we hope you are all staying safe and keeping well.  It has been strange getting used to the new arrangements but there have been lots of activities available to keep the children busy and hopefully they have enjoyed them.  Here are a few (optional!) activities to keep the family busy over the Easter break:


Print or draw the Easter egg template to colour/design for our competition - take a photo of the finished entry and email to the office by Easter Monday -


Complete this time Capsule activity booklet - you are part of a historical event that people will talk about for years to come, why not record it?  You could design your own booklet in your own style if you aren't able to print it!


Create a Spring or Easter scene using real eggs - decorate them and make it fun, be as creative as you can!  The link above will give you some ideas but see if you can think of something original!  Again, photographs of your entries to be emailed to the office by Easter Monday -


Yoga activities for a peaceful break, calm and refreshed mind (and it comes with a lovely sheet to colour in!)


We would love you to share your work, ideas and activities with us.  Your competition entries should be sent to the office and any project or class work you have completed can be sent to your child's teacher on their year group email address (see class pages). 


Look after yourselves and each other, have a good Easter break!  

Maths with Parents

Hello Parents and Carers,


Maths with Parents -


I have logged on to 'Maths with Parents' and added some Maths topics for the children.  First, I have added 2 topics that we covered just before school closed to consolidate their learning.  Then, I will be adding new topics for the children to complete.  This site is fantastic and has explanatory videos, but please do e-mail me should you have any questions via the link on the Oak page on the website.


I look forward to seeing all your Maths work!


Mrs. Hall

School Closure Curriculum Learning Strategy

Things to do everyday


Things you could do everyday


  • Reading with your children and enjoying books is vitally important so please continue to do this. 
  • Incorporating Maths in everyday life is also a  good idea.  How many eggs have I got?  How many does the recipe say I need?  How many more will I need?  We would have been working on numbers to 20 so practising the order and matching numeral to quantity would be helpful.  We have been working on addition and subtraction using a number line.  I will add one on here for you to use.
  • Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is doing a daily PE session at 9:00-9:30 on YouTube, which looks fun.  I'm definitely going to give it a go!  While doing it, get the children to change into PE kit and store their clothes safely rather than randomly discarded on the floor.  This will really help us on the return to school.  Make it a quickly can you do it?  
  • Practise doing your zip up independently!
  • We have been looking at minibeasts....what can you find in an outdoor space?  Can you describe it?  Can you write a sentence about it?
  • Next term we were looking at planting and growing.  Can the children grow a small plant?  How does it change?  What does it need to survive?
Week 2



Below are some ideas for you to try at home with your child over the next week.  Little and often would be great to embed key knowledge and skills.  We would love to see examples of your work, so please do e-mail us pictures of work over via the link further down the page.  We can then respond and encourage the children!  It would also be lovely for us to see what they have been up to.


Writing and Phonics task: Ask your child to write a simple sentence about this Spring picture.  For example, 'I can see a chick' or 'The chick is small'.  It doesn't matter if the words are spelled incorrectly; as long as they are phonetically plausible.  They may want to write about colours or other adjectives.  Can they remember the following success criteria?  FULL STOPS, FINGER SPACES, CAPITAL LETTERS and CHECK YOUR WORK!


Research: How does a baby chick grow?  Can they draw pictures and write simple captions of the process?


Maths: Can the children draw and decorate some easter eggs?  Ask them to cut them out to develop their fine motor skills.  Then use these as a stimulus to embed skills we have already learnt in Reception.  For example,


  • How many in group A and how many in group B?  Which group has more and which group has fewer?  How could I make them equal?
  • Can you make a repeating pattern using the eggs?  
  • Practise one more and one less using a number line and the eggs (you could also use real mini eggs!)
  • We have been working on numbers to 10 but would be moving on to numbers to 20 next term.
  • Have a look at YouTube and there are plenty of interactive songs that you can join in with to consolidate their learning.  Search for 'days of the week', 'numbers to 20' and number bonds to 10'.


RE: Look for a simple re-telling of the Easter story and discuss with your child.  Ask them to remember what other festivals we have looked at over the year (Chinese New Year, Christmas, Diwali, for example).


Have fun and take care.


EYFS Team.

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Try this Reading Bingo challenge!

Websites and log ins

Useful websites


Discovery Education – (Login – username – student12535  password – coding)

BBC Bitesize – 

 Pobble 365 –

TT Rockstars (Children have their own log ins)

Prodigy –

 Activity Village –

ICT games -

TopMarks -

Reading Realm -

Epic! -

Phonics Play -

Oxford Owl -

 Hungry Little Minds - (EYFS)

Maths: Primary Stars for Years 1 and 2 -

 Khan Academy -

My Mini Maths -

Maths with Parents -

Maths Frame -

Think you Know

Be Internet Legends

Lego Digital Designer


The programs are fully accessible on smart phones, tablets, androids, laptops and desk tops. If you do not have access to any form of internet, please contact the school and hardcopies of work will be arranged, where possible.

Settling in and Making Friends

Our theme this term is Marvellous Me, we have talked about and looked carefully at our similarities and differences and painted some beautiful self portraits. 

Every new theme has a new Talk 4 Write story which we: read together, act out from a story map and learn actions for the text so that we can re-tell the story orally. Our story this term is Martin Waddell's  repetitive story 'Owl Babies' - the children are really enjoying it and have crafted a collection of owls using different printing techniques. 

Please visit our web page again soon for photos of us and our wonderful work laugh



Marvellous Me - Self Portraits

Owl Babies Crafts

Autumn Leaf Printing Patterns

Kandinsky Inspired Circles

Grandparent's Morning

Oak class had a fun filled morning, we played traditional games such as: dominoes, snap, pairs and snakes and ladders. Thank you to all of the Grandparent's that gave up their time to join us and teach us how to play.  

Grandparent's Morning

Owl Visit

Last week we had a special visit from the 'real life' Owl Babies from our Talk 4 Write story of the same title. We watched the three different species of owls fly overhead, walk across the hall, eat chicken and found out some cool facts too. Did you know that the owl's eye colour indicates which time of the day they are active? 

We were very lucky (and a little bit brave) to be able to handle the owls - we used our sense of sight to describe how they looked.




Autumn Term 2


This half term our new theme is ROAR! We will be exploring the natural world with a focus on dinosaurs. Our new Talk 4 Write story this term is 'The Little Green Dinosaur' and we will be learning to re-tell the story through drama and role play alongside daily oral re-tells too. 


We will be continuing to secure our phonic knowledge of phase 2 sounds and tricky words as well as moving on to Phase 3 sounds and tricky words.


In maths we will be deepening our knowledge of numbers and counting and exploring sorting objects by a chosen criteria, comparing amounts, finding one more/less than a number before finishing the term with exploring time.



Diwali Celebrations

Food tasting

Remembrance Day

Reception Remember

                                                                 Dinosaur Visit

This week we were visited by two Palaeontologists, it was amazing! We found out lots of different information such as when dinosaurs lived, where they roamed, what they ate, how they defended themselves, how they protected their young and learned lots of scientific names too.

We discovered that dinosaurs built nests and layed eggs - just as birds do today! We got hands on with some realistic looking dinosaur models and peered into the jaws of a fierce T-Rex! We ended our visit with a very special surprise, we each took it in turns to hold an actual fossilised baby dinosaur still inside it’s egg - What an amazing experience to have had!

Dinosaur Roar!

Holding a Fossilised Baby Dinosaur

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Autumn Term Maths

This term the children have been working really hard at understanding numbers to 5. We have counted forwards and backwards, matched numeral to quantity, made different amounts and represented these in various ways such as: using a five frame, exploring numicon and drawing mathematical pictures. Also, we have compared groups of objects using the comparative vocabulary: fewer than, more than and equal to, begun to subitise small amounts and found one more and one less than an amount or number by telling a First, Then and Now story.

Maths in reception class is a very 'hands on' practical lesson where the children get to explore different apparatus and physically 'hold maths' in their hands. We also develop the children's understanding by 'talking maths' using full sentences that includes  specific mathematical vocabulary.

At all times we ensure the children are secure in the knowledge of  the five counting principles - see document below. 


Posting Our Letters to Santa

Spring Term 1

'To the Rescue'

Our new theme this term will be 'To the Rescue'. We will be finding out about the people who help us in our community and wider world. In addition to this, we will be learning ways in which we can help keep ourselves and others safe too.

We will be focusing on and re-telling 'Traditional Tales' in literacy, some of our Talk for Write will include: The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Gingerbread Man.  


We will continue to embed and consolidate Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonemes especially recognising taught digraphs within words as we read. Daily practice of high frequency words and tricky words will help us build fluency during reading so that we can enjoy and develop understanding of what we are reading.


In Maths this term, the focus is number bonds within 5 through exploring the part-whole model, numbers to 10 including: comparing various groups of objects, combining two groups to find the whole, adding and subtracting and finally exploring characteristics of everyday objects, 2D and 3D shapes.

People Who Help Us

EYFS Music Making Project 2020

Ryedene Primary and Nursery School are taking part in a music project to develop vocabulary, self regulation and personal, social and emotional skills. The project is being supported and funded by Arts Council England, Essex Music Education Hub and the Department for Education.  During the project, we will be inviting music tutors into our class to deliver, demonstrate and guide us on our musical journey. 

Music Making Project

Chinese New Year

We found out about the celebration of Chinese New Year. We know that red is believed to be a lucky colour and gold is believed to bring wealth. We enjoyed finding out and drawing the animal that we were born under - lots of goats and horses! Food tasting was fun, particularly trying to use chop sticks to pick up the rice and noodles!  We finished our celebrations by watching and re-creating our own dragon dances which led us around and out of the classroom - What fun we all had!

Celebrating Chinese New Year


This term we have enjoyed listening to and reading 'Traditional Tales'. We linked this to our overall theme 'To the Rescue' where we were alerted to a potential crime scene within the school that we had to investigate. We used our detective skills to find clues as to who had been causing havoc around our building. The red cloak, gingerbread crumbs, spilled porridge and a broken chair led us to the villains. 


Crime Scenes

Spring 2

"I Spy"

This term our learning will take us into the natural world of minibeasts. To inspire our learning we will be visited by some very special visitors that will definitely capture our sense of awe and wonder. We will use our knowledge of minibeasts to create  3d minibeasts, understand their role in our world, find out and write facts, move like a minibeast in PE and focus World Book Day on the beautifully written rhyming picture book 'Mad About Minibeasts'. 




We were visited by some very interesting minibeasts, we got up close and observed, stroked and held a variety of different insects and creatures.

Minibeast and Creatures Visit

World Book Day 2020

Oak class had lots of fun on World Book Day, we came dressed in a variety of wonderful costumes to celebrate our love of books. We started off the day with a very special activity- learning how to draw a bug character via a video skype link from  the amazing author and illustrator Laura Anderson. 

We matched mini-beast pictures to their descriptions and then gave verbal clues and  moved around as  different mini-beasts for our friends to guess. We listened to lots of different mini-beast vocalisations; some of which were very interesting indeed!

Finally, we linked our Wondrous Word of the Week - delicate - to a craft and created some beautiful butterfly stick puppets with colourful delicate wings.

World Book Day

The Five Counting Principles

Early Learning Goals

What to Expect When