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Welcome to Maple Class,

This term we are learning all about Space, the children have thoroughly enjoyed their learning so far. In Autumn term 1 the children celebrated a Space Day, made a moon buggy and answered all their questions about the wonderful subject of Space. The children have enjoyed learning about the different Space Explorers and those who helped them get into space.

Mathematics is taught by Miss Sharrad and Mr Tipper. The children have started to learn about KIRFS which are key instant recall facts that the children need to know in Mathematics, the children have taken home information regarding ways you can help them to remember these facts and use them at home. 

In Autumn term 2 we are learning about the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Invasions. This week we have become Anglo-Saxons by reenacting the invasion, hunting for resources, making temporary shelters out of tarpaulin and ropes, learning how to search for fire wood and making camp fires. 

In English we are currently reading and studying How to train your dragon by Cressida Cowell. The children have been rewriting chapters, writing conversations, creating their own dragon fact file and Posters. In Mathematics the children are working on Multiplication and Division. In Science this term we are looking at Forces and how they affect the world around us. 

Being An Anglo-Saxon Outdoor Learning Day: 


The children had a fantastic time learning about their topic in an outdoor space. The day started with a reenactment of the invasion. Half the class were Picts and Scots and half were the Anglo-Saxon Tribes, they invaded Angleland on the field and learnt about the different fighting strategies used by both sides. 

Next, the children had to hunt for the resources the Anglo-Saxons needed to settle down. The children learnt that the Anglo-Saxons would be tired after the journey and the invasion and that the hunt may have taken some time and energy. 

The children had to translate some Anglo-Saxon runes and work out how to make shelters. The children made shelters out of tarpaulin and rope, they had a guide of different shelters they could make and they had to choose the one they wanted to use. The children worked incredibly hard as teams and all managed to get a shelter up. 

In the afternoon the children found fire wood and stored it correctly and then learnt how to build a campfire as the Anglo-Saxons would have. 


All in All the children learnt many skills working outside and all remembered many facts about the Anglo-Saxons. Ask your child what their favourite part of the day is. 

Being An Anglo-Saxon Outdoor Learning Day

All About Space Day!


Today the children dressed up as their favourite colour of the Solar System. They were called in by their cadet name and had their lunch order taken by Captain Sharrad. The children trained like astronauts and learnt to sleep standing up. They looked at the stars and learnt the correct names.  The children decorated Solar System cakes and made moon buggies. 


Space Day Fun!