Welcome to Ryedene Primary and Nursery School. Welcome to Ryedene Primary and Nursery School. Welcome to Ryedene Primary and Nursery School.
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Welcome toRyedene Primary and Nursery SchoolGrowing Together to Succeed




Welcome to Ash Class 2020-21!


A big welcome to Ryedene Primary and Nursery School!  We have had a fantastic start to the academic year; children have been making new friends, are eager to learn and have adjusted well to their new environment.


Soon, we will be uploading various informative presentations that will enable you to become familiar with how and what we teach your child and provide you with support and guidance about the Early Year's Curriculum. These presentations will include:  Home - School Agreement, Our Ryedene Expectations with regards to supporting your child's learning and development at home through weekly homework, how we teach phonics, reading, writing and mathematics. 


We have an exciting journey ahead of us and working together will have a huge positive impact on the holistic development of you child. 


If you have any questions, then please do see us at the end of school.  Alternatively, you can contact us via the school e-mail.


Mrs. Peacock and Miss. Fisher.



30.11.20 - 4.12.20


This week we have been having great fun in Ash Class.  We have started the advent calendars, met Larry the naughty elf and investigated space!  In Literacy we have used our phonics knowledge to write words and sentences about space.  In phonics we have been working on the digraphs oo (zoom to the moon), oo (look in a book), ay (may I play) and ai (train in the rain).  We have also been working on our Gruffalo words and tricky words.  In Maths we have been looking at adding one more and creating our own first, then, now stories.  For example, FIRST we had 3 cars.  THEN another one drove up.  NOW we have four!  In PE we have been in the jungle and practising balancing.  We are always reading and have been voting for the book that we want to read at the end of the day.  Which book will have more votes and which will have fewer?  We have also been busy creating a present to give to our families at the end of term.

We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Autumn 2


This half term we have been studying 'Night Monkey and Day Monkey' by Julia Donaldson as our Talk 4 Write text.  The children have had great fun acting out the story and using their phonics knowledge to write words, captions and sentences related to the text.  The new theatre role play area is also being used to show productions of the story using puppets and props! 

Our theme is 'Let's Celebrate' and we have been looking closely at Bonfire Night, Rememberance Day, Diwali and of course.......CHRISTMAS!  

In Maths we have been exploring composition,  shape, practising counting and subitising, looking at numbers 4 and 5, positional language and one more and one less.  The children relish any opportunity to use their new maths language!

We hope you enjoy the pictures below which we will add to on a regular basis!



Let's Celebrate!

Theatre role play fun!

Autumn Term 1 

This term our Literacy Talk for Writing story was 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell, we have enjoyed retelling the story through props and role play; in particular we loved acting out the story with our own made up actions!

The second Literacy Talk for Writing story was 'The Little Red Hen' which we linked to harvest. We found out about the role of a farmer including watching some fascinating videos of 'How a Combine Harvester Works!' We were so amazed at how the seeds grow and eventually turn into wheat; we decided to make our very own bread - just as the hen did!

To develop working collaboratively we used our creative knowledge to collage a giant scarecrow, sing and dance a simple routine to the song 'Dingle Dangle scarecrow' and enjoyed listening to the story The Scarecrows Wedding.

Our theme has been 'Marvellous Me'; we have discovered all about our likes and dislikes, built some wonderful friendships, learnt how to share and take turns and above all else settled into our new environment really well.

We are beginning to understand how we have similarities and differences among ourselves and that we are all unique and should value that.


Making bread

Autumn Term Maths

Autumn Term 1 - Maths

This term we have been counting forwards and backwards up to 20, noticing and talking about what we see around us and how many we see.  We have been comparing quantities and using the language 'more than, fewer than and equal to' to compare. Sorting a variety of indoor and outdoor resources has helped lay the foundations ready for next term when we look deeper at number. There have been lots of great  mathematical discussions taking place, which is enabling the children to really understand their learning.

Exploring in Maths!

Celebrating Black History 


We listened to the story ‘Coming to England’ written by Floella Benjamin; we developed our understanding to what it would have felt like to leave our home and travel far away to a new country. We drew pictures to represent which items we would pack in our suitcase to develop our understanding. We explored Floella’s home country of Trinidad by talking about the weather, how far from England it is and tasted some traditional fruit. We coloured in and made a flag of Trinidad whilst we listened to some traditional Trinidadian calypso music.

After exploring the Caribbean island of Trinidad, we then explored the continent of Africa with the CBeebies ‘Go Jetters’. What an interesting place! We looked closer at Kenya, in particular the cultures and people who live there. We compared the Masai Tribe to our way of life and found out that they build their own homes and look after their own herd of cows! Also, we compared the Masai’s traditional clothing to ours and decided to make a traditional Masai necklace full of colourful patterns.

We listened to different influential musicians and compared their different styles of music such as: Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’, Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ and Emeli Sande’s ‘Clown’. We explored finding the pulse, different pitches and expressed our thoughts and feelings through movement.

During our PSHE time, we were introduced to the hopes and dreams of Martin Luther King Jr.; we agreed that all children should be included and accepted and generated our ‘Word of the Week’ – EQUALITY. We discussed what we would like to see others doing to make our world a better place.

Finally, we took part in an African Drumming Workshop with Mrs Dennis which inspired us to make our own Djembe Drums in design and technology.


What a fabulous week we all had!

Making traditional African necklaces

Home - School Links

At Ryedene Primary and Nursery School we believe that parents as partners has a vital role in the learning and development of your child. We will provide a broad, balanced and rich curriculum for your child to thrive in. We will keep you informed as much as possible by updating our class page and we will also add photos of your child's learning in school. 

Homework: will be handed out on a Friday and is expected back in school completed by the following Wednesday.

Reading: share a book with your child at least three times per week and record the date and a signature each time in your child's reading record.

Spellings: words will be sent home when appropriate and 'quick quizes' will take place to check your child's knowledge.

Physical Education: a PE kit is required in school and will be kept in school until the end of term, it will then be sent home for washing and must be returned at the start of the next school term (NO Earrings).


Thank you for your support! 

2020 EYFS Curriculum Changes