Welcome to Ryedene Primary and Nursery School. Our last day of school for Autumn Term is Tuesday 20th December, school finishes at 1:45pm. Spring Term starts Thursday 5th January 2023.
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2019 - 2020

Year 2 - Spring 1 - Australia Pictures

Our year 2 children enjoyed using oil pastels to create beautiful Australian pictures in the style of Aboriginal art.

Children looked at examples of original Aboriginal art and tried to replicate the shapes in their own work. Children used the oil pastels in different ways to control the texture and marks. They blended colours and created layers by working one colour over another. Some children even carved into the pastel colours using the sharp end of a pencil. This created even more texture and interesting patterns.

Everyone worked really hard and had lots of fun using all the colours.



Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Miro Inspired Designs

Our year 6 pupils looked at examples of Miro's paintings and explored how he used shape and colour to build his designs.

Children then built their own designs by choosing sections of Miro's original work and putting them together in their own way. They looked at how colours worked together to create movement and depth. Children used oil pastels to create their pictures.

Year 1 - Autumn 2019 - Exploring how paint behaves

Using a variety of tools and objects including pieces of card, cotton buds, string and sticks, pupils moved colour around to make controlled shapes and patterns. They watched as colours merged into amazing patterns before their eyes.

It was so much fun!