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2018 - 2019


The paper trees were made by twisting and curling tissue paper. The pupils drew their tree design into their sketchbooks, then carefully followed the design with the paper twists. The children then made additional branches to make their trees 3D.

Finally they cut leaf shapes from green paper and stuck them onto the branches in clusters.

Some of them even folded the paper leaves to make them stand out.

We think you'll agree they have done an amazing job!

YEAR 6 - Composition drawing - January 2019

Learning about perspective

Year 5 have been studying aerial perspective. Take a look at just some of the incredible watercolour paintings they have done showing how landscapes become paler in the distance.

January 2019 - Year 1

Year 1 had lots of fun painting Barnaby Bear in cool colours using the technique of pointillism

Year 4 Painting - Responding to Indian Artist Jamini Roy

Our year 4 pupils have been working hard on their paintings ready for the exhibition in July.

These photographs really don't do their amazing work justice.

The class have been studying artist Jamini Roy, looking at his his style, colours and designs. Pupils worked hard mixing all their colours using basic primary colours; red, blue and yellow. They used black to create shades and white to crate tints. I think you'll agree they have really developed their skills over the last year. Well done year 4.

Here are just some photos of the pictures that are finished so far.

Year 1 - Painting like Vincent Van Gogh

Our wonderful year 1 pupils have been learning about the 19th century Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. They looked at his painting 'Fifteen Sunflowers' and tried to create their own copy. I think we have some future artists on our hands! Have a look and see if you agree laugh

Art Master Class Work

This term the master class pupils have been learning about the work of Vincent Van Gogh.

Here are two examples of the amazing Van Gogh self-portraits they have created using poster paint, acrylic paint and black outliner.

Reception and year 1 created observational drawings as part of their master class project. Each KS1 pupil is supported by a gifted and talented pupil from years 5 or 6. Instructions are given as demonstrations only.

The KS1 pupil follows the instructions to observe shape, size and detail to create a line drawing.

Some even got as far as adding watercolour to their picture. Here are just a few examples.

Reception and year 1 enjoy exploring powered inks in Art Master class!

How amazing are these!

Tone  - Light and Shadow

Year 4 are learning how to demonstrate tone by creating silhouette images from the book 'Iron Man'. They used charcoal and soft grade pencils, 6B, 8B graphite, to create smudged shadows and dark silhouettes. They practiced tone and shading techniques using 2B and 4B graphite pencils and shaded spheres to learn how to show the three dimensional qualities of shapes.

Autumn 2018 - Year 5

Here are just a few examples of the fantastic Viking Long-ships the pupils have drawn

Year 3 - Observational Botanical Illustration

Year 3 created these outstanding observational drawings of garden plants after studying the work of 18th century botanical artist Elizabeth Blackwell. Each pupil chose the plant they wanted to draw.

The drawings were coloured using coloured pencils. I think you'll agree they did an incredible job!

Year 5 - Drawing London Landmarks

Year 5 have been working hard learning how to draw London landmarks. Here are examples of their fantastic work.

Pupils used HB graphite pencils to draw the shapes and 2B graphite pencils to shade their drawings.

I think you'll agree their drawings are very impressive. Well done year 5!