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Welcome to Oak Class!



Settling in

Settling in 1
Settling in 2
Settling in 3
Settling in 4
Settling in 5
Settling in 6

What a fantastic start to the new school year we've had! We have been busy making new friends and settling into our new environment. We have explored our inside and outside areas and have even attended two whole school assemblies! We were extremely proud to have won the  'Best Attendance Award' TWICE!

We are still working hard at writing our name with the correct letter formation, forming numbers correctly and learning new sounds. To help us strengthen our pencil grip we get funky at the 'Dough Disco' at least three times a week. 

Our class theme last half term was 'Magnificent Me' and we really enjoyed talking about our likes, dislikes, similarities and differences. 

We have also learnt the Owl Babies story using the 'Talk for Writing' approach which involves us re-telling the story, using props and actions. We couldn’t believe it when the real life Sarah, Percy and Bill came to visit us - it was amazing!

We have an exciting journey together ahead of us. smiley

Owl Babies

Owl Babies 1
Owl Babies 2
Owl Babies 3

This half term’s theme will be ‘To the Rescue’ where we will be finding out about people who help us. We will be meeting different members of our community that work incredibly hard at keeping us happy, safe and healthy. 

We will still be focusing on respecting others through exploring different cultures and festivals from around the world. This will also include the children learning and performing our annual ‘EYFS Nativity’ - tissue box to the ready!



Baking Bread like The Little Red Hen

Visit from the Dentist

Visit from the Dentist 1 "Brushing the bacteria away"
Visit from the Dentist 2 "Flossing"
Visit from the Dentist 3 "Happy tooth, sad tooth"

Police Visit

Police Visit 1 We help keep you safe.
Police Visit 2 Dressing up.
Police Visit 3 Exploring the police vehicle.

Our new theme for Spring half term will be 'ROAR'. This will involve us exploring the fascinating world of the dinosaurs. We will use our imaginations to role play in the Dinosaur Museum, we will have the opportunity to excavate dinosaur fossils and use our writing skills to describe dinosaurs as well. At the start of term we will have a 'cinema week' where we will be watching clips from 'The Good Dinosaur' and using this to inspire our descriptive writing. Our new Talk for Writing story this term is 'The Little Green Dinosaur' which builds on the repetitive structure from our previous stories.

In maths we will be deepening our number and counting knowledge and exploring size, weight and capacity. 

Phonics will still be taught daily as this is the strong foundation to successful reading and writing. Please continue to read daily with your child as it is practice and repetition that builds reading fluency.


Watch this space for photographs of our exciting school visitors coming soon!



Dinosaur Visit

Dinosaur Visit 1 Exploring the Velociraptor!
Dinosaur Visit 2 Life size T-Rex foot!
Dinosaur Visit 3 Dinosaur hunt!
Dinosaur Visit 4 Comparing egg size!
Dinosaur Visit 5 Holding a 'REAL' fossilised baby dinosaur egg!
Dinosaur Visit 6 Our favourite dinosaur!

Spring Term Arts and Crafts

Spring Term Arts and Crafts 1 Dinosaur Skeletons
Spring Term Arts and Crafts 2 Erupting Volcanoes
Spring Term Arts and Crafts 3 Kandinsky inspired - hot and cold colours
Spring Term Arts and Crafts 4
Spring Term Arts and Crafts 5
Spring Term Arts and Crafts 6

During the second half of Spring term our new exciting theme will be I Spy! We will be investigating minibeasts and their habitats. Our role play area has been transformed into a Minibeast Investigation Laboratory with lots of hands on scientific exploration. We will start off the term with the popular Talk for Writing story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ this will involve lots of activities based around the story. Others books will include The Very Greedy Bee, The Bad Tempered Ladybird and non- fiction books too. 

In maths we will be joined by the Numberblocks again to support our addition and subtraction skills, followed by exploring 3D shape and finally beginning to understand time. 




At the end of every term, there is a reward for the children who have been consistently reading at home a minimum of three times per week. This term the children have chosen an Easter Egg Hunt! All that is required is a quick signature or comment in your child’s reading journal three times per week.

Thank you again for your continued support. 

Our themes for Summer term will be 'Ready, Steady Grow' and then 'Shiver Me Timbres'. We will start off our growing theme with the traditional tale Jack and the Beanstalk, we will be learning the story through Talk 4 Writing and role playing in the Giant's Castle too! We will be making the most of our outside area by planting and growing different seeds and bedding plants whilst making observations as they grow (hopefully!) We will be comparing different homes and understanding how people's lives were different in the past.

In Maths we will be counting in different multiples and exploring 'GIANT' numbers, then mastering our addition and subtraction skills before we begin to halve and double amounts too.

The second half term will end on a very popular theme ‘Shiver Me Timbres’- all about the sea including 'Pirates!' We will explore the amazing eco-system under the sea, the history of pirates and how we  must care for our world.

We will also be presenting our class assembly to you all where we can show off what a wonderful year we've had together!  

During this term, it is when the children are assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, this assessing has been on-going all year through adult - led tasks, independent activities and observations. Your child will be awarded with a statement against the Early Learning Goals which determines if they have achieved a Good Level of Development (GLD). The statements are: emerging, expected or exceeding. 

Jack and the Beanstalk Story Map

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story Map

Story map The Little Green Dinosaur

Early Learning Goals

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