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Welcome to the Beech Class page (Year 3).


This term Beech class’ topic is ‘Wild Wild West’. We are really excited about this topic as we will be learning about Native American traditions and completing a book study on ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’, which we have already begun reading and are thoroughly enjoying. We can’t wait for our visit from ‘American West’, where we will be able to see and touch real artefacts and learn some Native American songs and traditions. Our Mathematics will be focussed on fractions and the four operations whilst in Science, we will be learning all about how sounds are made and experiencing may different instruments. In PE we will be improving our throwing, catching and batting skills to be used in rounders. We also have caterpillars to take care of and will be watching them carefully for when we can release them as butterflies! Of course we will continue to take care of our new vegetable garden-thank you again for everyone who came to help us last week.



This week our butterflies emerged from their cocoons and we set them free on Thursday! It was so exciting to see them fly for the first time. Some of us were even lucky enough to hold them! We are hoping they don't eat all of our newly grown cabbages!

We had such a fantastic morning when our friends and family came to help us work on the vegetable plot. It was a big job and we enjoyed pulling up all the weeds, using spades and forks to turn over the soil, driving the wheelbarrow and rescuing many snails and slugs. They were safely re-homed in the bug hotel. We have planted courgettes, cabbages, radishes, tomatoes and wild strawberries. Last of all we scattered bee and butterfly attracting wildflower seeds to encourage them to visit our garden. Thank you everyone for your help!


We also have some new members of the class-33 tiny caterpillars! We will look after them in their pots until they turn into a chrysalis. When they emerge as butterflies, we will release them outside. 

Wow-just look at the difference! We can't wait to see everything grow.

Today we welcomed a new member to our class.

He is small, furry and has four legs!

We named him Rex after a class vote and can't wait until we can hold him and he will get to run about in his ball.

Rex is a Syrian Hamster.  They like to live alone and enjoy eating apples, carrots and broccoli.

Did you know that a hamster's teeth never stop growing?

That's why it is important for them to have something to chew and gnaw on to keep their teeth short.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Last Friday was our Christmas Decoration afternoon. We had a lovely time making creations that will be on sale at the Christmas Fayre on Friday 15th December. Thank you so much to everyone who was able to join us!

On Friday 1st December Beech class was whipped up into a Winter Maths Frenzy!

Some of our activities were:

  • Scaling recipes for gingerbread men. We had to multiply the quantities so we would make enough for 30 children!
  • Weighing and measuring ingredients
  • Making the longest paper chain we could from one sheet of paper. Then we had to try and make it longer! We even went and compared ours to year 5 on the playground
  • Decorating our gingerbread men. Boys had to have an odd number of buttons and girls an even number.
  • Collecting data for a pictogram of where we took our first bite!

We had a fantastic day and our brains are now buzzing with numbers (and our bellies full of gingerbread!!) cheeky

On the 28th November Beech Class visited Vange Library! We had such a fantastic time and enjoyed all of the activities. Thank you to everyone that helped us out with walking to and from the library-it was much appreciated. Below are some snaps of our trip...

We have been practising our football skills in PE. Here we are dribbling, passing and stopping the ball with control.
Roman Artefacts
In Maths we have been learning a variety of skills with number, addition and subtraction. We have been practising number bonds, mental skills and we have even played some games to get better at exchanging.